The Frequency Effect Returns with Two New Versions

A unique project demonstrating UK talent for every reader to enjoy

London, 13th September, 2018: The Frequency Effect, a uniquely dystopian thriller exposing the manipulation of technology addiction, is back with two new versions. The independent production by a talented group of young creatives and led by James Stark, now has an immersive cinematic version for the ‘augmented imaginators’ with integrated illustrations and a slicker online experience. For the ‘free thinkers’ there is a standalone novel with new chapters, characters and an even more gripping storyline based on feedback from media and reviewers that saw its potential.

The story taps into today’s most significant themes in society including technology addiction, corporate power, media manipulation, data privacy, mental health and fame. The journey starts in 2020. You enter a world where Tatio, the world’s biggest technology company, controls the public through its relationships with a close network of companies called the Global Elite. You find out that you are being addicted to devices that resonate at the same frequency as the brain. Anyone close to exposing Tatio is drugged and removed from society. The story is a dramatisation of an effect called entrainment, discovered by electricity pioneer Nikola Tesla.

A unique project demonstrating UK talent

  • The first novel to integrate VR and the opportunity to become the main character.

  • The first novel to have a soundtrack that taps into the main character's thoughts.

  • The first novel to integrate multimedia features that arise from its technological themes.

  • The first novel to film key scenes at an immersive premiere.

According to James Stark: “The Frequency Effect pushes the boundaries of storytelling and creative thinking.  It has been fascinating to see how people responded to it. All the feedback has been taken on board to create two new versions. I hope enough people have the opportunity to discover and enjoy it.

What’s next?

The next phase it to attract a movie publisher to provide the investment required to market it. If enough people join The Resistance, then there is a trilogy, immersive gatherings, spin off projects and so much more in store. To learn more, go beyond the screen now -

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The Frequency Effect introduces a uniquely immersive reading experience

First immersive, cinematic novel provides a new way for a digitally connected generation to enjoy reading

London 7th December, 2016: Today marks the launch of the world’s first immersive, cinematic novel – The Frequency Effect. An incredible story, it opens up a new reading experience as part of a new format for the visual arts. Set in 2020, readers follow a thrilling journey into a dystopian future just a few years from now. Exposing a conspiracy that technology devices resonate at the same frequency as the brain, Ben Cordell follows it to the top of the corporate ladder. As part of the journey, readers become Ben to experience key scenes, including a dedicated soundtrack from The Split Lives.

“This is quite simply the most disruptive development in novel writing to date. Moving with the times, and bringing in fan participation, It has the potential to do for novels what Star Wars did for movies,” said James Stark, author and creator.

A gripping story: Waking up in a mental hospital, you are taken on a journey to find out how Ben got there. Part of Generation Y and questioning technology’s impact on society, you follow a collision course towards technology behemoth Tatio. After the suspicious deaths of Ben's brother and sister, he is given Zanipine. Twisting his senses, he quickly believes that he can control the interactive music show The Connected Sound with his mind, when introduced to The Split Lives for the first time. Following a fateful night, he is hospitalised where he makes a startling discovery. The Frequency Effect is real and more significantly, it is being hushed up. Using a job in advertising as a smokescreen, he re-enters society to find those responsible. In a series of events, he realises Tatio and the world's biggest brands (the Global Elite) are using The Frequency Effect as a drug for the masses while harnessing it for their own benefit. At the same time, Zanipine is given to anyone close to uncovering the truth. The only person to be able to survive its devastating effects, Ben goes back to wake the others left for dead.

A cinematic experience: The story provides a completely unique opportunity for readers to go beyond the screen and enjoy more. Readers uncover a VR experience to become Ben in hospital, watch interactive TV show The Connected Sound, meet his friend Simon from TechFrame and explore the brands from the Global Elite including Tatio. Four songs from The Split Lives form a key part of the storyline, along with their music videos.

A pioneering team: The concept and creation has been pioneered by James Stark, working with a group of talented young creatives. Curating some of the most exciting ideas in music and video, it provides each reader with their own personal connection to the story. Keen to push the boundaries of storytelling, every element has been carefully thought out.

A trilogy: Based on the potential success of the first book there is a huge opportunity for fan participation to develop subsequent storylines, including hidden and secret content for each of the brands. The opportunities are endless.

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About The Frequency Effect

The Frequency Effect is the world’s first immersive, cinematic novel. Combining immersive features as part of a gripping storyline, it unearths a conspiracy that technology devices resonate at the same frequency as the brain. Pioneered by James Stark, along with a team of like-minded creatives, it gives the reader a new way to experience and enjoy storytelling. Part of a trilogy, and with the opportunity to grow through fan participation, this is very much the beginning.


Pictures of the premiere

Go beyond the Screen at the Premiere of the World’s First Immersive Novel - The Frequency Effect

Literature you hear // Music you see // Film you discover

June 15, 2016 06:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today marks the start of an incredible journey to 2020 with the premiere of the world’s first immersive, cinematic novel - The Frequency Effect. Set to thrill audiences on July 19th, the event will be streamed globally during a night of entertainment never seen before. Forming part of the book, the evening will introduce a completely new format for the visual arts, while revealing further details to the story. An independent production, tickets for those interested in attending or streaming are available now.

Go beyond the screen at the premiere of the world's first immersive novel on July 19th.

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The Frequency Effect captures an audience’s imagination similar to blockbusters such as The Matrix and Minority Report. Touching on relevant themes in society, it exposes a conspiracy that electronic devices resonate at the frequency of the human brain. The experience brings together a collection of multimedia assets, cultivating a reader’s imagination by curating some of the most exciting ideas in music and video. Charting a journey to 2020, the event will take viewers to a new reality.

Viewers will become part of the story, meeting the main characters including TechFrame blogger Simon and lead figure Ben. Appearing from beyond the screen, music will be provided by The Split Lives, featuring ‘Alive’ and premiering their latest release as part of the story. In addition, technological glimpses of the future will be on show ahead of Tatio’s launch in 2017. The future behemoth’s presence will be supported by emerging clothing brand Shutlife and global fast food chain Jinkfood.

Begin your journey to 2020 now


THE FREQUENCY EFFECT is the world’s first multi-sensory novel bringing a new and uniquely creative approach to storytelling. Pioneered by the book’s author James Stark, the experience integrates a full cinematic soundtrack along with a network of multimedia assets. Touching on relevant themes in society, it cultivates a reader’s imagination, providing an alternate reality just a few years into the future. An independent production, tickets are now available for a compelling evening of entertainment on 19.7.16.