The Resistance


James Stark in a young writer, musician, creator and futurist based in London. Six years in the making, The Frequency Effect is his first novel. The musical soundtrack by The Split Lives is his first release having made music since he was nineteen. 

The story is influenced by his love of movies such as The Matrix, and books including Brave New World and 1984. James researched every area covered in the book, tapping into the most relevant issues in society, including technology addiction, media power, corporate greed, mental health and fame.

James brought together a talented group of like-minded creatives to push the boundaries of entertainment. Every element was painstakingly thought out.


Angelica Lam

Ashton John


Elliot Fiddy

Conor Kenny

Chelsea Mather

Isaac Money

Mel Michael

Cheryl Burniston

Holly-Rose Durham

Teifi James

Giada Nazarri


David Nwikpo

Ed Rolfe


Sam Walter

Tom Miller


Ollie White


Additional thanks

Ollie Robinson, Josh Pontin, Ross Driver, Sula Driver, Nick Moorhouse, Josh Partridge, Shaun Rolle, Peter Takacs, Rowan Allwright, Delphine Lim, Kirsty Davide.