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Tatio on the Rise...

JANUARY 21, 2020

It is a new decade and Tatio’s grip on the world is unrelenting. Tatio has preyed on an appetite for escapism in an age of convergence. People now escape to another world whenever and wherever through its devices. A future where every desire is satisfied by them is within touching distance.

Tatio is the world’s largest technology company. It grew from a standing start in 2017, blindsiding the competition with a shrewd management team, an aggressive acquisition strategy, and staggering advertising budgets. The company’s growth has been powered by sales of its smartphones, tablets, laptops and smart TVs. It has more smart devices than any other company. Its devices are also cheaper, undercutting the competition.

Tatio acquired the image sharing site Open Story in November 2019. Open Story is now the most powerful way to reach a digitally connected generation. Every element within it has been designed persuasively, gluing people for longer, and transporting them away from their daily anxieties. Open Story also gathers an unbelievable amount of data about the public’s wants and desires.

Today marks the launch of Mowgli, Tatio’s new operating system. Mowgli caters for every aspect of a person’s life at once. On any Tatio smart device, a user can switch between any area of the operating system without needing to jump between multiple apps. People now have greater freedom when uploading, searching, messaging and ordering. Voice activation also works across every function. 

Tatio has developed Mowgli by drawing on its relationships with a group of the world’s most influential brands – the Global Elite – and integrating advertising from the start. Tatio has also invested heavily in the research and development of new technologies such as smart lenses and mind augmentation, but it keeps information about them firmly under wraps.

A paid network of ambassadors carefully facilitate Tatio’s reputation, but an isolated group have begun to raise concerns about the company's control and the secrecy of its inner circle. They have devised a way to warn others through a network of underground events. A new music show – The Connected Sound – is set for launch.