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What’s different about the 2018 versions? 

When I created the first version in 2018, I genuinely wasn’t sure how it would be received. I knew that it was new but I also knew that I was going solo with no publisher behind me, and introducing a new format. 

It was hugely rewarding to see that the reviews picked up on the potential of the concept. Monocle is an amazing publication, and I was hugely honoured to be on the radio talking about it. The same can be said for London Live. In fact, we had had three meetings and been allocated a reporter for ITV News at Ten to cover the premiere, but sadly it didn’t happen due to the Brexit vote the week before. It was just as well in hindsight. I didn't have the funds or time required to deliver it to the highest level at the time.

This has always been a project that relied on people seeing, reading and liking it. Those in the close circle loved the idea, but those further needed the concept to be delivered perfectly. With that in mind, after launch, there was no promotion. The reviews highlighted that their was enough interest though. It was purely the delivery wasn't quite right. The editorial quality was not anywhere near as good as was required. 

The new versions take into account all the feedback. I have had enough time to research all the themes further, to add new chapters and plot twists and also to painstakingly edit the story again and again and again. It is now much more engaging and compelling and something that I am genuinely proud of. I would like to thank so many people who read it and provided edits and story suggestions. 

A feat regularly missed at launch was that this was always meant to be about the story first and foremost. The themes are so prevalent in our society. I therefore thought it essential to write a standalone version for the reviewers that simply didn't believe interactive novels would ever take off. At same time, those that loved the concept wanted it to go further. They wanted it to go much further, so I turned the experience into a much more exciting one with a new cover design, slicker online experience and integrated multimedia illustrations.

This is the far as I can take it. It would require a movie publisher to invest in the development of the trilogy. If that happens, then there is immersive gatherings, spin off projects and so much more in store. In the meantime, I really hope that you enjoy it. 

Welcome to The Resistance.