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Is this really the first book to pioneer a story that happens immersively in real-life?

Yes, I believe so. There is simply nothing like it. Of course, in the future, there will be. The idea of the story was to turn it into something that fans could become a part of, and subsequently, could form a bridge to them. 

If you look at phenomenons that have taken off, they have often provided ways for fans to get involved, but these events don't shape the story. You can go to Disneyland, take lightsaber classes or learn Klingon, but none of those events shape the story or future stories. We knew we were breaking ground - especially as those who read it then form The Resistance in the book. 

The Frequency Effect premiere was in no way the first immersive event. There were many theatre companies pioneering evenings and Secret Cinema is perhaps the most well-known example by turning a movie into an immersive experience. Those events provided a lens for people to consider the premiere, but at the same time, as the premiere was creating the story - many people found it difficult to comprehend. 

At the time, we knew exactly what we were creating but simply didn't have the time to explain it to everyone. We knew that we would have to wait until much later for people to understand it in their own time. Now, all the themes are relevant, and immersive events are just par for the course.