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What is an immersive cinematic novel?

This is the killer question surely? What is an immersive cinematic novel? Multimedia novels have been around for years, right? Isn't it just the same? 

Well, at first glance, you'd be forgiven for thinking that. Since the dawn of digital, many people have been playing around with various multimedia novels - and many are very good - but they are not quite like The Frequency Effect. Why? 

Here's why. The Frequency Effect is the first novel ever to bring together everything that a cinema experience has to offer - movie soundtrack, characters, scenes and blend it seamlessly with a literary experience. Going even further, it is the first novel ever to give people the opportunity to become part of the story - before launch - at an immersive premiere

But it wasn't all about creating the elements for the sake of it. The storyline was essential to making the immersive cinematic experience work. It was crucial. The whole story charts a journey to digital convergence and portrays a society where multimedia experiences are simply par for the course. There should be nothing groundbreaking about the story's themes. Instead, they are simply a logical path that we, as a society are following. 

To that point, the immersive cinematic experience aims to be the forerunner in a whole catalogue of similar novels in the future. There is clearly debate about which way these novels will go. Whatever form they take, storytellers love the opportunity to be creative. Immersive cinematic novels allow for limitless creativity. 

The other point about this story which goes beyond simply the format, is that it provides the opportunity to bring the audience into the story and create a subculture with which the story can then grow. If enough people love it, the sequel will be a reflection of their behaviours and actions. Immersive experiences would then create a completely new way for the story to be discovered. 

So, you have a choice to make. Join The Resistance and became part of it, or simply become a passenger to its progress.