The Frequency Effect is a uniquely immersive cinematic novel. The story begins in 2020 and charts a journey into a dystopian future dominated by the world's biggest technology company - Tatio. There are two versions. A classic novel for ‘free thinkers’ and an immersive cinematic version for ‘augmented imaginators’.

The Frequency Effect is the world's first immersive cinematic novel, exposing the manipulation of technology addiction in a society obsessed with screens. The story begins in 2020 and charts a journey into a dystopian future dominated by technology company Tatio. All is not what is seems. Tatio is manipulating its position. Tatio is controlling people’s minds. The ability to imagine freely is becoming increasingly rare.

The story has been remastered for 2018 based on feedback from reviewers and the media that realised its potential. There are now two versions. For the 'free thinkers', to demonstrate the strength of the story first and foremost, there is a standalone novel with more characters, chapters and plot twists.

For the 'augmented imaginators', there is a new immersive cinematic version that integrates multimedia features created by the story's technological themes and cultural relevance. Enjoy a journey beyond the screen that integrates VR, film, music and photography. The new version now has more interactive elements, integrated illustrations and a slicker online experience. No other story in the world gives you the opportunity to become the main character with VR, listen to his thoughts through the soundtrack or become part of the story at an immersive gathering.

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