HARNESSING The Frequency Effect

  1. Get bored, very bored.

  2. Clear your mind.

  3. Listen to music that fits with your mental attitude.

  4. Focus on listening to the lyrics, trying to say them in your head.

  5. As thoughts run through your mind, identify the lyrics are at that point in time. These should help to guide your thoughts and vice versa.

  6. As your mind becomes in sync with the music, start asking questions rather than concentrating on thoughts. The lyrics of the song should guide the answers.

  7. Once fully locked in with the music, start to ask tougher questions in your mind and take inspiration from the music.  

  8. In time your skills should increase. You should be able to focus on bigger questions such as your purpose in life and strategic goals.

  9. No area of thought is forbidden. As well as focusing on personal development, it is also about removing painful or unwanted thoughts.