Waking up in unfamiliar surroundings, you are taken on a journey to find out how Ben got there. Part of a digital generation, and questioning technology’s impact on society, you follow his collision course towards technology behemoth Tatio.

After the suspicious deaths of his brother and sister, Ben is given Zanipine. Twisting his senses, Ben quickly believes that he can control the interactive music show The Connected Sound with his mind, when introduced to The Split Lives for the first time. Following a fateful night, he is hospitalised where he makes a startling discovery. The Frequency Effect is real and more significantly, it is being hushed up.

Using a job in PR as a smokescreen, he re-enters society to find those responsible. In a series of events, he realises Tatio and the world's biggest brands (the global elite) are using The Frequency Effect to drug the masses while harnessing it for their own benefit. At the same time, Zanipine is given to anyone close to uncovering the truth. The only person to be able to survive its devastating effects, Ben goes back to wake the others left for dead.