A unique project, please take the time to explore the selected pieces below.

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London Live

This is a four minute live studio interview for the news with Anthony Baxter. It focuses on a key moment, the 'Capturing my soul' video, where Ben teaches Laura to harness The Frequency Effect. 



The global brand consultancy used The Frequency Effect for a report on digital futures and the culturally changing landscape that young people are faced with.



Self described as Radio Six Music meets Radio Four, this is a thirty minute interview with Georgina Godwin to run through every element of the project and its potential. Broadcast live, 'Alive' was selected as the chosen music track.  


The Future Laboratory

This is a detailed piece about the alternate reality created by the book, including the online destinations and the VR experience at the end of the first scene. 

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VR Tech

A detailed feature presenting the first chapter for its readers along with insights into the book's creation.