Please see below for a description of each feature throughout the journey.

  1. The Split Lives - I call home (Virtual Reality)
    Ben awakes in a room confused and with his mind clogged. 
  2. Tatio
    Ben is introduced to Tatio for the first time. 

  3. Zanipine
    Ben is advised to take Zanipine to alleviate his racing thoughts.

  4. The Connected Sound - Rock it out
    Ben begins to feel connected unlike ever before when watching.

  5. The Connected Sound - Alive
    Ben starts to believe he can control the crowd through the TV.

  6. Harnessing The Frequency Effect
    Ben discovers and documents the way to harness The Frequency Effect.

  7. The Split Lives - Capturing my soul (Music Video)
    Ben teaches Laura how to harness the effect while watching the video.

  8. TechFrame blog
    Ben discovers Simon's last blog. 

  9. TechFrame video
    Ben sees Simon's character for the first time in his last video entry.

  10. Jinkfood
    Ben stops off at his local Jinkfood store to treat Laura.  

  11. Shutlife
    Ben meets the sales director of the clothing brand in Amsterdam.

  12. The Split Lives - Alive (Music Video)
    Ben watches and feels strangely connected to the lead singer. 

  13. The Facility
    Ben visits the place where those left for dead have been taken. 

  14. The Split Lives - Music not Fame
    Ben recieves tickets to see The Split Lives.