The Frequency Effect is the world's first immersive cinematic novel, exposing the manipulation of technology addiction in a society obsessed with screens. 

Introducing a new multimedia experience, you are taken on a journey that includes VR, film, music, photography, and integrated diagrams as part of a gripping storyline. No other story in the world gives you the opportunity to become the main character with VR, listen to his thoughts through the soundtrack or become part of the story at an immersive premiere. All the features are created by the story's technological themes and cultural relevance. 

Remastered for 2018, there are now two versions. For the 'free thinkers', a standalone novel with more characters, chapters and depth. For the 'augmented imaginators', there is a new immersive cinematic version which takes the experience to the next level with hyperlinked pictures and diagrams. Becoming the main character, you are taken ‘beyond the screen’, and into a new world. Select your version and start the journey now.


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