Tatio's power is growing. Simon is missing. Become Ben and live the journey...



It is 2020 and technology has become the driving force in society. With its evolution and impact growing at an alarming rate, a technology arms race has grabbed hold. Driven by the ‘internet of things’, a roadmap to connect every powered object is in progress, creating a society where consumer needs are considered and catered for more than ever before.

Multiple screens have become an essential part of everyday life, with a whole host of devices clamouring for attention, including smartwatches, smartphones, tablets and increasingly sophisticated smart TVs. Despite the general discontent surrounding smartglasses, the typical number of devices that a person uses each day has risen sharply from three in 2015, to six in 2020. Consequently, people now consume double the media content on average than they did in 2015.

This increased appetite for media content accelerated following the introduction of Tatio in 2017. A major global technology company from China, Tatio blindsided the competition by entering the market with a shrewd management team, huge capital investment and staggering advertising budgets. The resulting awareness, combined with value for money and the largest range of smart products, enabled the company to become trusted by the public almost overnight.

Tatio’s competitive difference stems from its operating system Mowgli, which caters for every aspect of a consumer’s life at once. While watching media content on any device, consumers can access every area of the online environment, including social media platforms, emails and blogs. Unlike earlier competitors, Mowgli was developed by incorporating advertising from the start, following discussions with big brand advertisers.


Happening smoothly for the most part, advancements in technology have generally been viewed positively by the public. Beneath the surface however, consumer groups have begun to worry about the mental lethargy caused by screens as a form of passive escapism. Subsequently, growing attention has been placed on Tatio and its ability to tailor content to an individual’s exact preferences, thereby manipulating their view of the world.

Having originally been a major ambassador for Tatio, Simon Maplin is now missing. All that is left to go on is his last TechFrame update.