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Part of a digital generation? Experience the future of storytelling with this pioneering project


Sleepwalking through society? Prepare to be woken.

The Frequency Effect is the world's first immersive, cinematic novel, exposing the manipulation of technology addiction in a society obsessed with screens. 

Introducing a new multimedia experience, you are taken on a journey that includes, music, film and photography as part of a gripping storyline. Unlike previous interactive or multimedia novels, the story immerses cinematic features that are central to the narrative, including a dedicated soundtrack.

Following a typical storytelling journey, the immersive features provide additional intrigue and are all marked clearly with a numbered logo upon first presentation. Denoting key events, you have the choice whether to check them out there and then, or save them for later. Becoming the main character, it is up to you when you ‘go beyond the screen’, adding new levels of intrigue.

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The Frequency Effect.jpg

Waking up in unfamiliar surroundings, you are taken on a journey to find out how main character Ben got there. Part of a digital generation, and following a typical journey throughout university, it seems so out of character. 

After the suspicious deaths of his brother and sister, Ben is given Zanipine. Twisting his senses, Ben quickly believes that he can control interactive music show The Connected Sound with his mind when introduced to The Split Lives for the first time. Following a fateful night, he is hospitalised.

Regaining his memory, he fights his way out whilst uncovering a disturbing truth; a conspiracy that technology devices resonate at the frequency of the brain. Utilised by the elite of society to control the masses and influence their desires, you follow his collision course towards technology behemoth Tatio.

Using a job in PR as a smokescreen, he re-enters society to find those responsible. In a series of events, he realises Tatio and the world's biggest brands (the global elite) are using The Frequency Effect to drug the masses while harnessing it for their own benefit. At the same time, Zanipine is given to anyone close to uncovering the truth. The only person to be able to survive its devastating effects, Ben goes back to wake the others left for dead.

As if the soundtrack to Ben's life, The Split Lives capture the emotions and feelings at every stage of his journey. Appearing at pivotal moments from beyond the screen, their album 'Music not Fame' adds to a compelling and uniquely immersive experience.

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